What you will get here is closer to the truth than any other information channel on asthma that you will find. I know because I have been an asthmatic all my life. So why have I still got it?Ok asthma is a very complicated condition, in fact i see it as the most complicated of all. Many will argue! But Cancer, diabetes and arthritis have been dismissed by many people including myself with relatively little effort and in quick time. Asthma hangs on and I have got it from chronic to hardly there at all in the last fifteen years. So progress is great and I am no longer reliant on carrying puffers wherever I go which is a huge blessing.

So can you cure asthma and the answer is yes. Asthma is much more linked into the type of person you are than any other disease I know, with the possible exception of weightloss. Some people even have asthma for short periods of their lives and the doctors say they grow out of it. To me it is more like a set of circumstances changes and the asthma is no longer aggravated. it seems though that the longer you have it the more it becomes a part of your particular system and the harder it becomes to completely eliminate.

So what follows in this website is a collection of information, news and ongoing research which will reduce chronic asthma to a twice a week puff of a child’s dose preventer in those where the cure is very hard and of course an elimination of asthma in those where it has not grabbed a hold. It is after all a breathing disorder and the logic is that all of the conditions which create any negative effect on breathing need to be analyzed as part of an all out attack on asthma.

What follows immediately is a number of helpful articles on asthma applicable to a wide variety of cases. Then we go through a logical approach which I have followed myself. And believe me when you get into the seventies chronic asthma can be a damned nuisance every day of your life. This approach will have the total effect of reducing and even eliminating many other little health problems as you go and typically asthma is the last cab off the rank. But you can whittle it down to a minor annoyance if you do not get rid of it completely.

Finally we include a handy membership function which means you can use this website as a communication channel to help you move ahead. you may chose to contribute or you may seek a complete helping hand in the process of eliminating asthma and achieving great health. So read on. You will be struck by the logic of this site first. it is all stuff that you and your body already understand but you could not find many in agreement. The explanation for this is again logical and simple. There is no money to be made of supporting the natural, logical way.
Read on and become a member for all the benefits.