Do I Have to Live With It

living with asthma is a challenge because there are obviously medications which help such as the various puffers available. Almost everyone is on them and one would think life is not that bad. So we analyze life on the puffer first. The most popular one is Ventolin and its various copies which is Albuterol Sulphate. The manufacturers and various professional advisors list some of the side effects which you will not wish to have in the long term. The worst side effect is death from overdosing, then heart rate problems, high blood pressure, headaches, skin rashes, itchiness and swelling below the surface of the skin. This can be attached to circulation problems. Considering all these the worst side effect is the actual escalation of the breathing problems. So the Ventolin only creates easier breathing for a short time then the breathing gets worse in many cases. There is another list of side effects but once we get past the main researched ones it is always a possibility the other factors will be causing the problems. These include polluted atmosphere, smokers and cats fur. The list goes on and we will go into more detail in the articles for members. The preventer sprays came out to alleviate somewhat the use of ventolin and are steroids although not like the illegal muscle building ones.

We do not go into too much detail here and all our information is regarded as study material. We try not to miss anything and present a huge amount of accurate information which is very hard to get elsewhere because you have to sift through the commercial filling. Our sites are never commercial.

So it is established that the top reason for getting rid of your asthma is the side effects of the medications, besides the fact that you can die from a bad asthma attack anyway. Then of course asthma is a real damper to living life to the full. The fact is that medications have extended life expectancy by enabling asthmatics to live through the attacks and to some extent participate in life at a more convenient level.

We can make a decision to try to move away from asthma and this involves a multifaceted approach requiring dedication. If you are not one of the people who grow out of it you will know as it is a stable life component. For the others it fluctuates and goes away for long periods. The decision firstly requires us to evaluate the space we are living in. We are aware of the many antagonistic factors such as cigarette smoke, dust mites, cats fur, mold and strong chemical odors. What we must begin to understand is that they do long term damage as well as the immediate worsening of the condition.

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